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Everyone knows that multitasking doesn’t work. It’s inefficient, and stunts creativity, productivity, and emotional intelligence. Yet, we all do it—I have seven tabs open right now, and the task bar looks pretty roomy to me. Fast Company has offered its readers various "monotasking" hacks, but Tabless Thursday might be the most accessible step in the right direction for a happier, more productive you. Here’s a useful guide to joining the movement.

To Get More Done At Work, Just Say No To Tabs


“The habit of going home to your spouse and debriefing them is very intuitive for a lot of people,” says Peter Shallard, a business psychology expert who focuses on entrepreneurs, but it’s a bad idea.

First, “being stuck in your own work problems is a form of self-indulgence,” and second, rehashing a work problem will “stimulate us to mentally regress back to that afternoon when we had that problem.”

Instead, ask your family members (or friends or roommates) about their days, and challenge yourself to be a good listener. Focusing on other people and their needs is a great way to get out of your own head.

How To Stop Obsessing About Work When You’re Not There