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"People can do a lot more than they actually think. It just takes stepping out there." —Josh Greenwood, is a professional slackliner. He says that the secret to success is confidence and trust in his abilities, both the result of extensive training. Anything less will result in failure.

Watch him walk the slackline. He’s mesmerizing

The founders of YouTube have released a new video app called MixBit. On first glance, it might seem MixBit is in direct competition with Vine or Instagram Video, but if it’s actually very different. 

Instead of merely being able to share, view, and comment on videos from the stream or from people you follow on the service, MixBit allows you to add to and remix content uploaded by other users or yourself. Remixed videos can be up to an hour long.

Here’s more info about MixBit

Have you seen this video? Karen X. Cheng taught herself to dance in one year, and filmed herself at various different points in her learning experience. The video quickly went viral, and Cheng shared some advice with us on how to make your videos go viral, too

"First, I posted to Facebook/Twitter, and submitted it to social news sites like Reddit and Hacker News. I personally asked many of my friends to share it. I tweeted it at well-known dancers. I emailed bloggers who had covered other viral dance videos.
Of all the things I tried, Reddit paid off. It got to the top of the GetMotivated subredditI did this by following the advice in this article.

Here, more tips!