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Can you survive in space without a spacesuit?

Guardians of the Galaxy has re-ignited the age-old question. Or this slightly different question, asked by Adam Frank, how do you die in space? Here’s some answers.

You know the answer to the question “what happens in space if you aren’t wearing a spacesuit” is going to be “very bad things”, but just what those bad things are is the interesting part.

Also, hi Eric! 

(that’s my friend Eric in the video)


Yes, that’s Tim Cook narrating. As Rene Ritchie notes:

My best guess as to why Tim Cook narrated the “Better” video is because it speaks to Apple’s core values, and speaking to Apple’s core values is both deeply important to Tim Cook, and how he’s been positioned atop and within Apple.

You can say Tim Cook is not a product guy, but there’s no question that he knows better than anyone how Apple does what it does. And because he cares about it, he’s made that process… better.

This insanely slippery non-stick coating gets every last bit out of jars. Even glue jars. Watch

LiquiGlide is a super slippery coating that can be applied to all types of surfaces. WhenCo.Exist first broke the news about the invention, Dave Smith, the PhD candidate behind the novel substance, was focused on using LiquiGlide to make ketchup flow from jars like water—so we no longer had to tussle with that bottle of Heinz like a Shake Weight. (His aim was noble: Smith estimated the solution could save more than a million tons of annual food waste in the sauce industry alone.)

Since then, Smith has dropped out of MIT, incorporated LiquiGlide, and built up a team of nearly 20 mechanical engineers and nano-technologists. His company is now negotiating deals with the largest consumer packaged goods companies to bring LiquiGlide to everything from toothpaste and syrup to beer. He’s also exploring how the technology could be applied to a new range of industries, including medical, manufacturing, and even transportation products.

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