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Tutus, Sparkly Nail Polish, And Half-Pipes: These 6-Year-Olds Will Make You Want To Raise Skateboarding Girls

The three 6-year-old girls who make up the Pink Helmet Posse, profiled by The New York Times, in a short Op-Doc, are equal parts adorable and badass. The film opens with the three friends, Relz, Bella, and Sierra, painting their nails in the middle of a skate park. Next, we see them dropping into a half-pipe and maneuvering around a pile of leaves. The rest of the film follows the insanely talented crew as they practice tricks, fall on their faces, and get scared of bees.

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A few days ago Fast Company wrote about Jacob Tillman, a young skateboarder who is attempting to raise money on Indiegogo for his sister Lydia’s reconstructive jaw surgery. Lydia was raped, beaten, doused with bleach, and nearly burned to death—but because of her grace and resilience, she survived the horrific attack and helped convict her attacker.

Since our story about this initiative to crowdsource social justice first ran on Monday, other media outlets have followed suit—and Jacob’s Indiegogo coffers have grown from under $4,000 to over $36,000.

Jacob still has 87 days to reach his $65,000 goal.