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The American political atmosphere might be polarized when it comes to climate change, but new evidence suggests that the public is more passionate about energy’s impact on the environment than one might think.

A new survey from the University of Michigan Energy Institute found that 60% of respondents worried “a great deal” or a “fair amount” about the environmental impact of energy use. By comparison, 55% worried a great deal or fair amount about energy affordability. The two concerns, researchers say, were basically equivalent.

"That was an eye opener for us," says professor John DeCicco. “I wouldn’t have guessed that we would have gotten, statistically speaking, an equally strong response.” More>

According to the official narrative, monitoring metadata is no big deal. But two Stanford University researchers wanted to see how “sensitive” metadata actually was. So they enlisted hundreds of volunteers to install an app called “MetaPhone” on their Androids to pick up that metadata over several months. What they found shocked them.

"Participants had calls with Alcoholics Anonymous, gun stores, sexually transmitted disease clinics, strip clubs, and much more.

The NSA Can Learn All Your Secrets From Your Phone Metadata

As hundreds of thousands of civilians die in the civil war in Syria, it appears that the country’s embattled dictator, president Bashar Al-Assad, has launched a new social media strategy to go along with his chemical weapons: showing lots of pictures of how everyone loves him.

Is the official Instagram account for the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic,” which launched on July 24 (and found by Patrick Witty, of Time), a real social media strategy from the dictator that has used sarin gas (according to the US government) on opposition forces and killed at least 4,000 of his own civilian populace (estimated by Human Rights Watch) in air strikes alone?