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I’m something of a moralist. I think you just can’t vote for a thing like that, no matter what it costs you in your other areas of your agenda. I don’t want to hear about how you got more done in education: Great. But you voted to take away someone’s rights, so no support from me.

We really wanted to talk with Indie lyricist extraordinaire John Darnielle about his 13 albums with the Mountain Goats (we recommend All Hail West Texas). John Darnielle really wanted to talk to us about the GOP’s latest campaign against reproductive rights. Compromise: A wide-ranging interview in which he talked songwriting, abortion rights, and Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses. Check it out here. (via motherjones)

God yes. Fall to the floor, on our hands and knees.

Yeah yeah, cue your jokes about us being dads for linking to NPR, but the new Mountain Goats album is so freaking worth it. We like “Damn These Vampires” and “Birth of Serpents” a lot and have it on repeat while we eat carrots and parse John Darnielle’s consistently excellent lyricism. Ugh, it’s just good, check it out already.