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Here are some of the 23 Most Creative Marriage Equality Facebook Pictures

Last week, as the Supreme Court heard arguments about whether it should legalize gay marriage, the Human Rights Campaignreleased a new version of its classic logo. While it’s normally a yellow equals sign on a blue background, this new logo was a white on red. The HRC encouraged people to change their Facebook avatars to their logo to show their support for the cause.

This being the Internet, however, people weren’t content to merely use the HRC’s logo in its original form. Quickly, new versions began popping up. Some were merely more artfully drawn equals symbols, but many more were humorous takes on the gay marriage debate, from popular maybe gay couples (Bert and Ernie, C3P0 and R2D2) to Internet memes (Grumpy Cat) to historic bits of cultural literacy that just happen to look like an equals sign (Mark Rothko). We’ve collected a gallery of some of our favorites above. 

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