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An iPhone 5S? New Macs? An iWatch? 

Apple has scheduled a big press event tomorrow, at which it promises it will “brighten everyone’s day.” This, we presume, is a veiled reference to the colorful plastic iPhone ”lite,” possibly called the iPhone 5C, that has been revealed in a number of leaks through the summer. But what else may Apple have planned for us tomorrow? (We’ll be live-blogging the entire event here).

I can picture Steve [Jobs] running into the Macintosh design group and saying really excitedly, ‘We’ve got this fantastic concept.’ His idea was that a nontechnical secretary should be able to go into a room alone with a Mac in a box and a letter opener and be doing useful work in one hour.

Our new book, Design Crazy, tells the story of how some of the most iconic Apple designs came about. It’s a great weekend read, and it’s in the iTunes store for $1.99!

"I designed the boot image-a happy Mac-because we wanted the computer to be friendly. That was a word we tossed around a lot. The icon was inspired by those yellow smiley-face buttons, of course, and by the kind of things I used to draw when I was fourteen years old. We did the happy Mac, and then we did the unhappy Mac, which was never supposed to be seen. You know, like the bomb.”

Our new book, “Design Crazy," is the first oral history of Apple design, as told by the designers who were there. It’s fascinating. Check it out.

This week, Apple gave the world its first peek at iOS 7, the software that will power iPhones and iPads starting later this year.

Helmed by hardware guru Jony Ive, the update will bring the most dramatic visual overhaul of Apple’s mobile OS to date. As expected, it embraces a flat aesthetic that allows for layering based on functionality. For example, you can peek behind icons to see your wall paper. So while the UI may be flat, the UX is anything but.

Just how different is iOS 7 compared to the software we’re running now? Take a look for yourself.

Apple’s WWDC event kicked off yesterday, with Apple announcing a new OS X, a MacBook Air with better battery life, a redesigned iOS 7, among other things. Here are some WWDC resources to help you keep up: 

Other resources:

We’ll be updating this list as new, great resources come to our attention. Feel free to flag great Apple or WWDC reads for us in the comments. Have you found any?