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Fueling Our Future: This Is What School Lunches Actually Look Like

To call awareness to the reality of school lunches and their questionable nutritional value and color palette (beige, gray, and brown seem to be the primary colors), Farah Sheikh, an education campaign manager at the nonprofit, Do Something, created Fed Up. The online campaign asked students to send in photos of their lunches and then vote on which ones they would “eat” and which they would “toss.” Images included the barf-tastic "Pork Slop" from Mississippi and the delightfully colorful lunch combo titled "lunch is pretty awesome" from Texas.

When Tri Tran and Conrad Chu were both young dads, they were desperate for time—and a decent meal beyond takeout. Seeing a need for convenient, healthy meals delivered to customers’ doors, in 2010 the long-time friends created Munchery, a company that has served more than 200,000 meals—handled, prepped, and cooked by in-house chefs recruited from local, renowned establishments—in the San Francisco Bay Area. Building off its initial success, Munchery on Tuesday launched a website revamp, additional menus, and sped-up iOS apps to make ordering faster.

"At Munchery, we partner with chefs to put out awesome food for tables. That’s really the gist of it," Tran told Fast Company. "On five weekdays of the week, we’re selling more than one dish per minute."