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The film director lost it on stage at CES 2014, reminding us how not to handle a freeze-up.

Bay’s first mistake was that he didn’t seem to have any of his lines memorized, relying instead on a teleprompter, so when the teleprompter failed, he wasn’t prepared to bounce back. Only later did he take to his blog to explain, “I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down—then I walked off.”

Communication and behavior expert Deborah Grayson Riegel recommends memorizing at least the first three lines of your speech to “shift your brain out of panic mode and into memory-retrieval mode.”

Public speaking tips for Michael Bay (and you, too)

People think this stock is Twitter

It is not. 

Tweeter Home Entertainment (TWTRQ) was a consumer electronics retailer that sold TVs, car radios, home theater systems, and the like at more than 100 U.S. stores. In 2007 it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and had its assets sold to a new owner, who also filed for Chapter 11 a year later.

So why did shares of Tweeter stock jump more than 1500% this morning?

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made (or observed) in a job interview?

The other day we wrote about 6 ways to secretly sabotage your job interview, and then we asked Facebook fans about the biggest interview mistakes they’ve ever seen. Here’s what they had to say: 
  • "Not having a convincing answer to what my strengths were." -Prashanth Challapalli
  • "When the interviewee doesn’t have a career path or salary expectation (expressing their own worth) is a turn off." - Garrett Fookes
  • "Not sending a thank you note after the interview…rookie mistake!" - The Forum: Stories That Create
  • "At the end when they say "do you have any questions" I said no. This one is a biggie." - Kathleen Stetka
  • "Sell myself short." - Milly Darby

Here, a few more. What’s the biggest interview mistake you’ve ever seen?