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This has our vote for the most fun marketing campaign of the year: Ad giant DDB collaborated with Pleix, France’s preeminent purveyor of whimsy, to endow the Place du Palais-Royal in Paris with a big, black, magical “Escape Machine.”

Passersby tell the machine where they want to travel, then, at the press of a button, it explodes into a dancing, bubbling, confetti-spewing fete, like some kind of jack-in-a-box straight out of the mind of Michel Gondry. Granted, some of the effects seem to have been added later, using motion graphics. But the best part: They win a free trip!

The Escape Machine is an advert for SNCF, a sort of French Amtrak-turned-travel agency, and as far as guerrilla marketing goes, it ranks right up there with some of the best campaigns we’ve seen in recent months.