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in its conception, its design process, and how it interacts with customers, Ministry of Supply arguably has more in common with the likes of Apple and Google than with J. Crew or Uniqlo.The company will prototype a limited run of a certain product (perhaps 50 to 200 units), sell it to customers, and solicit feedback. This infrared thermograph of the Aviator chinos was used to help the company understand where the heat gathers on the body in motion and inform design tweaks.

Makey Makey is a little circuit board that comes with a set of alligator clips. You can attach them to anything even mildly conductive (a body part, a glass of water, alphabet noodles, paper clips, Play Dough, or fruit for example) and use that thing to control your computer as though you were hitting the keyboard or moving the mouse.

Turn a bunch of bananas into a piano. Turn your friends into a synthesizer. Turn a trampoline into a slideshow controller. Turn your hand into a game glove. The possibilities are endless. 

Awesome science thing of the day: Scientists are working on a way to unlock the secrets of nature’s best camouflage artists, such as octopuses and squid. These creatures actually change patterns on their skin to fit in instantaneously with their undersea environment. New research can help create sheets of high-tech materials that could be used to camouflage submarines and tanks, creating a new generation of stealth. See how in this video. And check out more science, engineering, and design inspired by nature right here.