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Happy National Dog Day!

Bull Dog. The company bully; the manager or employee who gossips and demeans other employees for his or her own enjoyment and advancement.

Puppy. This is the overly enthusiastic intern or administrative assistant who continually pops out of nowhere to be of help. This person means well but occasionally needs to be crated.

Leg Humper. The sexual harasser who comes in many ages and forms but still does not realize his (or her) sexual come-ons and innuendos are not welcome. Or legal.

Do any of the people in your office who may have these dog-like qualities? Here are a few more that may sound familiar.

Fast Company Insider: As we’ve mentioned before sitting is the new smoking. Meet Cia Bernales and Dan Asadorian, two Fast Company employees who have taken that message to heart.

Cia first started standing because sitting at a desk all day was hurting her back. She kept her standing desk, partially for physical relief and partially out of pride, after someone bet her she couldn’t stand for four months straight. The marathon stander won the bet and is still standing six months later.

Dan is a bit like the Freedom Tower in that you can see him from most places in the Fast Company office. His new-found standing practice has made him a beacon of healthy work habits … and snackage. You can see him here munching on some rock candy. 

The third image is from Cia’s desk. Meet her giant Rottweiler Atticus whose blog you can read here.