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I literally don’t understand the concept of boring. I know that it’s out there. I know some people complain of boredom. But I have no idea what’s on their mind when they experience it. Are they are desensitized? Are they are too bombarded? Are they incapable of connecting to life? Because—wow!—life is actually pretty good.

Gogol Bordello’s lead singer Eugene Hutz on why only boring people get bored. 

What a punk sensibility can teach you about embracing chaos

Anemia, a condition of low red blood cells, is primarily caused by deficiency of iron. A whopping 44% of Cambodians suffer from anemia, including two-thirds of the country’s entire population of children. At the same time, about 70% of Cambodians live on less than $1 a day, pushing iron supplements (or red meat) far out of reach.

Chris Charles, then a University of Guelph PhD student, traveled to Cambodia to tackle the problem, he had a crucial resource at hand: a study showing that simply adding iron to food while cooking could increase iron levels in the blood. 

That’s where this lucky iron fish comes in.

The Daily Show’s temporary leader John Oliver on operating outside of your comfort zone:

I’m not really much of an actor, so when I started on The Daily Show, I was just trying to adopt the faux authority of a newsperson. Having a British accent definitely gave me a sonic leg up on that because there is a faux authority to the British accent in and of itself. So I think it was just about saying everything with 10% more emphasis and 15% more of an arched eyebrow.”

Check out this company’s office"Our new space brings everyone together in a single open-office environment that supports instant communication and improved collaboration across teams.”

“An office isn’t just four walls and a lease. It’s a perception of you. Location, surroundings, and community all play into the company culture.”

But is it as cool as Google’s new Dublin HQ

Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book includes classic children’s standbys like connect the dots and mad libs and comes along with a page-by-page glossary of which song to listen to while coloring.

Readers can go through E-40’s word search—as he’s known for creating his own slang terms—guide Chamillionaire through a maze so the police can’t catch him “riding dirty,” and color in Macklemore’s fur fox skin while listening to “Thrift Shop.”