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The Daily Show’s temporary leader John Oliver on operating outside of your comfort zone:

I’m not really much of an actor, so when I started on The Daily Show, I was just trying to adopt the faux authority of a newsperson. Having a British accent definitely gave me a sonic leg up on that because there is a faux authority to the British accent in and of itself. So I think it was just about saying everything with 10% more emphasis and 15% more of an arched eyebrow.”

Here are a few newly unveiled photos from the set of classic Scorcese film “Taxi Driver” taken by photographer Steve Shapiro.

Shapiro described the set as tense saying:

Taxi Driver was shot mostly at night in New York, and the sense of the city sort of bore down on it. Also, Robert De Niro, who had spent a month really driving a taxi at night to get into the spirit of the film, maintains his character throughout. When he develops a character, he really becomes that person—both internally and externally—and he maintained that character pretty much on and off the screen. It was a much more tense situation than on The Godfather and many other films I’ve worked on.”


Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book includes classic children’s standbys like connect the dots and mad libs and comes along with a page-by-page glossary of which song to listen to while coloring.

Readers can go through E-40’s word search—as he’s known for creating his own slang terms—guide Chamillionaire through a maze so the police can’t catch him “riding dirty,” and color in Macklemore’s fur fox skin while listening to “Thrift Shop.”

A print ad that declares "I wish my son had cancer," has sparked debate about what is and what is not a suitable tone and sentiment in charity advertising.

The ad is for Harrison’s Fund—a charity set up by the parents of Harrison, a 6-year-old boy with the degenerative condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is incurable, barely known outside medical circles, and receives little research funding. Here’s the full ad, and the rest of the story