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The Ricin Cigarette, The Meth Cooker RV, And More Patent Applications From “Breaking Bad”

From the mixed-up patent files of Mr. Heisenberg

The filing cabinets of the United States Patent Office do not immediately come to mind as a finding ground for interesting art, but the collective genius—both crackpot and legitimate—of America’s inventing class has, in fact, resulted in some killer line drawings.

For years now, the Oliver Gal Artist Company has been selling a great series of prints of just such patent file discoveries: reproductions of the original USPTO line-drawings of the accordion, airplane, baseball base, and more. To pay tribute to Breaking Bad, though, the Oliver Gal team had an interesting idea: what if they expanded the series to some of the show’s most identifiable props?

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For the Irish whiskey’s latest effort in its “Since Way Back" campaign, the brand and agency Cornerstone has Aaron Paul telling a tall tale dubbed “Cooking with Meteors” with a few old friends and some animated help. Basically, the actor did such a great job convincing his roommate that a meteor had landed in their backyard that his buddy’s girlfriend actually called in the media. It’s a great gag and not, as the more cynical among us may suspect, one exaggerated for the benefit of the brand. Paul actually told the original story on a Conan appearance last year.

Q: One of your most memorable scenes had Skyler getting up from dinner with Walter, Hank, and Marie and walking into the swimming pool. What was it like for you to shoot that scene? Can you swim?

A: I’m a decent swimmer, thank God, but I never thought I’d be able to do that kind of thing, because it required me having to be trained with scuba equipment, with a regulator. Going under the water and staying under the water for periods of time gives me claustrophobia.

But I also like a good challenge. The boys always got to do a lot of stunts on the show. So when I got to do something that was stuntlike, I thought, okay good. Now I finally get to do something.

It was hard to tell from the shot, but I actually had to walk into the pool, and then there was a cut after I walk down into the water. Our wonderful special effects people and our stunt people had to build a wire cage, and they rigged that blue skirt I was wearing onto the wire cage so that the effect of the skirt billowing around my head was created.

They placed that wire cage in the deep end of the pool. That’s why they had to train me to go underwater and breathe with a regulator.

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“There are definitely fictional families that I’ve almost felt like a part of,” says Kirk Demarais, the artist responsible for a series of portraits of fictitious families plucked from pop culture. “The Brady Bunch is first to come to mind. Thanks to endless repeats of those 117 episodes, my brain was practically fooled into thinking I was growing up alongside Greg Brady and the gang.”

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