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Let’s get this out of the way: Betabrand calls its synthetic fleece Vagisoft. Yes, it’s material named after a woman’s privates. And yes, cofounder Chris Lindland is aware of the product’s Beavis & Butthead-ness and occasionally fields complaints from people who aren’t comfortable with the concept—despite the fact that Betabrand markets the resulting garments as “so ineffably comfy, test subjects had to be removed from them with the Jaws of Life.”

The surprising market for a fleece named after ladyparts

If the work you’re promoting on social media isn’t getting enough traction to build a customer base, the answer is seldom that you need to promote it more. What it probably means is that you need to do better work—or at least refocus that work to be more valuable to its intended audience.

The key to great work? More doing, less promoting.

If you followed Texas state senator Wendy Davis’ epic, 11-hour filibuster efforts against a bill that would have shut down all but five abortion clinics in the state (and quite possibly still will), you probably also know her shoes. As demonstrated by their newfound popularity on Amazon, the pink Mizuno Wave Riders she wore have become their own symbols of political resistance.