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La Boriosa: Based in Treviso, Italy, Biascagne Cicli makes custom, mostly single-speed and fixed-gear bikes from used and vintage new-on-stock components.

Shape Field Bike: San Francisco–based studio Shape Field Office partnered with Nicholas Riddle, a framebuilder and founder of the Urban Mobility Lab at California College of the Arts, to create this handsome porteur-style conveyance.

Bough Bike: Dutch designer Jan Gunneweg sculpts bespoke wooden bikes from his workshop in Alkmaar. He’s planning to introduce a lower-priced wooden bicycle line.

Thonet Bentwood Concept: Legendary furniture maker Thonet commissioned Andy Martin and his London-based studio to design this limited-edition roadster, marrying the low-tech methods that Michael Thonet used to build his 1830s chairs with 21st-century technology. Martin didn’t rely entirely on traditional steam-bending techniques but employed a CNC machine to cut and join the wood frame, which sits on off-the-shelf carbon wheels. Such craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap; you can get yours for $70,000.

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