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This 4,400 square-foot desk creates hiding holes for an escape within the office.

One creative agency decided to reinvent the idea of a “desk” entirely. Instead of installing a metal slide or set of pinball machines, the New York-based Barbarian Group built one giant “superdesk” out of plywood and a single pour of resin. The whole thing stands at 4,400 square feet, and undulates throughout the space, creating regular desk-like slabs, but also oddly-shaped nooks and crannies.

“We really wanted everyone sitting under a desk, but we also wanted to create spaces where people could escape to.”

Happy Friday! Today, do the hardest things on your list first. 

Getting lost in email or mindless tasks can suck away much of your energy. It’s also a great way to avoid tackling the tough projects. But ultimately, when you’re not focusing your greatest energy on your most important tasks, you’re wasting it. He’s a big proponent of doing the most challenging,most important things first-thing in the morning when you’re rested and less prone to distraction.

More tips

First thing always is always believe in the product or the project. Most of the times when a guy says ‘hey give me a million, I’ll turn it into five,’ that shit never happens like that. A lot of times you have to believe in the product. For example, this company I’m working with, TIP Solutions, their whole thing is about building call management technology for smartphones. For everybody. Because we’ve all be on a call on a cellphone looking for a way to improve people’s mobile communication. When I saw this company I’m like ‘yeah, everybody would like that.’

Shaq’s 5-minute guide to entrepreneurship

American culture places a premium on the ability to speak confidently before a crowd. Career counselors will tell you it’s a sure path to professional success. Compelling speakers can achieve positions of power and wealth.

"Think of it like a planned conversation. You know where the conversation’s going…but you’re loose enough in the moment to make it up a little bit as you go along. You want to have 80 percent of it prepared and allow 20 percent to be spontaneous.”

How celebs and politicians manage to deliver smooth and seemingly spontaneous performances