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Last month, in honor of its eighth birthday, Twitter took a walk down memory lane. The network unveiled a special page, allowing users to automatically see and share their first tweet ever.

As savvy users quickly discovered, the tool also allowed looking up awkward—and occasionally embarrassing—first tweets from anyone, including celebrities, entrepreneurs, and politicians.

It turns out that even some of today’s most prolific and successful tweeters got off to a rocky start. Here’s a peek at five famous first tweets and what they say about Twitter’s evolution:

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Black Twitter is not a special website or a smartphone app. The hashtag #blacktwitter itself won’t necessarily lead you to it. It doesn’t exactly stick out among the trending topics on Twitter, even though it’s been known to cause a topic or two to trend. It is not exclusively black — there are blacks who don’t participate in it, and people of other races who do.

"Black Twitter brings the fullness of black humanity into the social network and that is why it has become so fascinating," said Kimberly C. Ellis, who has a doctorate in American and Africana Studies, tweets as @drgoddess and is studying Black Twitter for her upcoming book, "The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter."

Black Twitter Growing Into Online Force

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