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"They’ll likely find hours in their weeks—hours lost to activities that aren’t meaningful or enjoyable in any sense. Everyone has time that could be repurposed. Hours pass whether or not we are aware of where they go. Best to figure out where they go, so time—the ultimate limited resource—can be allocated to what matters, rather than what doesn’t."

Author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam says if you keep track of exactly how you’re spending your time, 15 minutes will seem like nothing.

The first thing I did was keep an honest accounting of a week (168 hours) of my time. As if I were a dieter logging every morsel, I wrote down every activity: every email check, every work distraction, every unnecessary errand. I used a notebook for this, though some time trackers use spreadsheets or apps such as a TimeLogger and TimeTracker.

When I looked over the log, I saw a lot of activity, of course, but I also saw surprising amounts of space. Turns out 168 is a lot of hours.”