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"Effie has this lavish lifestyle in the Capitol, but she’s grown close to Peeta and Katniss. So even though she looks put together [the dress is by Alexander McQueen], she’s teetering on shoes that are a bit too high, or her waist is cinched in a bit too tight. She’s not letting herself ever be fully comfortable. It’s kind of her own penance." 

"Catching Fire" Costumer Trish Sommerville On Telling Stories With Clothes

Inside The Hunger Games’ Social Media Machine.

“Within Twitter what we did was expand on that. We started assigning fans different roles within this virtual world. We have district mayors and district recruiters, which really got them active and sharing over Facebook and Twitter. I mean, that’s what Facebook and Twitter are—it’s like your way of identifying who you are and sharing that with your friends. So, by giving them an occupation within their district, we gave them an identity.”

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