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People think I have a lot of discipline because I danced every day for 365 days in a row. But the truth is, I have no discipline. I never did anything else for 365 days before. Dance was different because I loved it the most. When you find something you’re truly passionate about, it will prioritize itself.

Dance star Karen X. Cheng on discipline, why it’s okay to quit, and how to find your passion.

Try everything. Be curious, ask questions. Let yourself be pulled in weird and interesting directions. Let your friends drag you to that thing you’re not so sure about. Go to a real bookstore. Sign up for an art class, a cycling class, an improv class. Bring a friend. When your friend bails, show up to class anyway.

viral dance star Karen X. Cheng on how to find your passion.

When Julie Smolyansky’s father the founder of Lifeway Foods had a sudden heart attack and passed away the running of his $12 million company fell to her… 

What motivates the young CEO is the fact that Lifeway is driven by bringing the health benefits of kefir—a cultured dairy drink popular in Eastern Europe for many, many years—to the world. 

These questions may help you find the passion that will power your business into Lifeway-level success:

1. What is your pre-existing commitment?

2. What community are you here to serve?

3. If you set aside market trends and opportunities, and instead committed to your passion, to something you are willing to persist through slammed doors for, what would that thing be?