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Here’s an inside look of our newest installation downtown! Hive, a giant LED light installation by Leo Villareal was recently completed at the Bleecker Street Station. The LED sculpture takes the form of an ever-changing colorful honeycomb, dramatically filling an architectural elliptical-shaped space above the stairs that marks the brand new transfer point connecting the IRT (6) and IND (B,D, F, M) subway lines. Hive (Bleecker Street) has a playful aspect in its reference to games. Riders will be able to identify individual elements within a larger context and track this movement. The work explores the compulsion to recognize patterns and the brain’s hard coded desire to understand and make meaning. The patterns also take inspiration from the research of the mathematician John Conway who invented the Game of Life, the best-known cellular automata program. Whether you concentrate on mapping the movement, or just appreciate the colors changing this piece is sure to catch your eye.

Top: Artist Leo Villareal testing his piece before complete, Photo Credit: Rob Wilson

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(Source: mtaartsdesign, via nycgov)