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Make no mistake, trolls, scammers, and mischief makers are pillars of the Internet. But there’s a yang to their needling yin: nice, kind people whose $5 acts of throwaway empathy occasionally add up to, say, $600,000 for a harassed 68-year-old bus monitor. The hunger for lulz might have motivated middle schoolers to post a video online of their harassment of Karen Klein, but then that same video in a different venue prompted online Samaritans to answer in force—in a move that either set her up for life or deeply complicated it (one imagines the trolls and do-gooders currently jockeying for position). But Karen The Bus Monitor is hardy the first instance of Net niceness. Here’s a look at hers and other amazing stories of regular people whose warm fuzzies have helped balance all that anonymous schmuckery.

Crowdsourcing Kindness: 8 Examples Of Good Defeating Evil On The Web