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A recent Girls in Tech/Facebook meetup about learning from your career mistakes was full of actionable pieces of advice, particularly on finding and keeping good mentors. Here are some of the best quotes of the night:

On the importance of having mentors:

"Build a network of women. You don’t have to be on your own." -AT&T’s Amanda Stent

"Have a strong network both at work and outside of work. Talking about work issues helps you get through them." -Catherine Hui 

 On choosing your mentors:
"Do your homework in approaching a mentor - don’t ask someone just based on reputation" -Tweeted by @AmyVernon

"If you don’t feel comfortable with your mentor, maybe that person isn’t the right mentor. " -Bloomberg’s Catherine Hui 

On being mentored:

"If you go to therapy, you don’t lie to your shrink. Same philosophy applies to mentors. Be honest with them." - Nikki Stevens (@drnikki)

Who are your mentors? How did you find them? How important is it to you to have a mentor?

(Photos by M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger)

Bloomberg’s head of technology for Tradebook Equity Catherine Hui handed out tons of great career tips at a recent Girls in Tech/Facebook meetup. Here, some of the best:

 On mistakes:

"Acknowledge your mistakes and you’ll be fine."

"It’s not about making a mistake - it’s about how you handle it."

"The sky is going to fall at some point. The key is how you handle the post-mortem." 

On mentorship:

"Find someone who has your best interest in mind - that’s a true mentor."

Don’t be shy. People want to help you.

Meet with your mentors/members of your network regularly.

Choose your mentor wisely.

Have at least one or two awesome geeks in your network of mentors.

On who she hires:

What blogs do they follow? What is their favorite news source? Does this person have a natural curiosity for what’s happening?

Can this person learn fast?

People don’t necessarily need to have a tech background- but they should have communication skills, be a team player, and most importantly they should have common sense/strong problem solving skills.

And finally, these gems: 

"We [women] need to learn how to ask for things … Men never wait to ask."

“I didn’t become who I am by accident. I struggled through the whole journey.” 

Read more about the event here! Also, here are some tips for finding (and keeping) great mentors. 

By M. Cecelia Bittner, Jessica Hullinger

"We always seem to view our role models as if they’ve made perfect choices every step of the way. If only that were really true!"

Facebook’s NYC headquarters was packed to the brim Tuesday night with career-minded techies looking to gain insight from a panel of some of the tech industry’s leading ladies. The chat was organized by Girls in Tech, a global organization “focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of powerful, influential women in technology and entrepreneurship,” and was moderated by Kickstarter’s Bethany Sumner.

The conversation originally focused on career mistakes, but veered to cover everything from mentorship to sexism in the workplace, and left guests with a heap of actionable tips. 

Who was on the panel:

What they said: 

“I didn’t become who I am by accident. I struggled through the whole journey.” -Catherine Hui (Bloomberg) 

"Don’t say ‘no’ out of fear. Say ‘yes’ to yourself. Know that you are worth it and that you can do it." -Amanda J. Stent (AT&T)

 "If you’re playing World of Warcraft 25 hours a week, you’re probably hiding from something in your life.” -Goranka Bjedov (Facebook)

"Make mistakes. Just don’t make the same mistake five times." -Bjedov

"Until I fail empirically, I am good enough to do the job."  -Nikki Stevens (formerly Refinery29)

What’s the biggest career mistake you’ve ever made, and how did you overcome it? Looking back, what piece of advice would you give your younger self? Tell us on Twitter with #FCadvice.