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What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made (or observed) in a job interview?

The other day we wrote about 6 ways to secretly sabotage your job interview, and then we asked Facebook fans about the biggest interview mistakes they’ve ever seen. Here’s what they had to say: 
  • "Not having a convincing answer to what my strengths were." -Prashanth Challapalli
  • "When the interviewee doesn’t have a career path or salary expectation (expressing their own worth) is a turn off." - Garrett Fookes
  • "Not sending a thank you note after the interview…rookie mistake!" - The Forum: Stories That Create
  • "At the end when they say "do you have any questions" I said no. This one is a biggie." - Kathleen Stetka
  • "Sell myself short." - Milly Darby

Here, a few more. What’s the biggest interview mistake you’ve ever seen?