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Taco Innovator Roy Choi Explores A Culinary Mashup With Google Glass

Last summer, the team at Google Glass began distributing the new technology to so-called Explorers for the If I Had Glass campaign. Among the many potential uses for Glass that this measure generated—helping amateur cooks make complicated meals without even having to have a laptop open to in the kitchen. Apps like All The Cooks, for instance, will help deliver users voice-activated recipes. In a new video, Korean taco pioneer and creator of the Kogi Korean BBQ truck empire, chef Roy Choi, helped show off exactly how this feature might work.

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Pears can be kind of a high-maintenance pain in the ass.

Why Are Pears Wrapped In Tissue Paper?

Ever notice how pears at the supermarket or corner store are often partially wrapped in tissue paper? You might think that’s to protect the pears, and you’d be right. But the protection is more complicated than it seems at first glance, and that paper wrapping is more than just paper—it’s often impregnated with chemicals.

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"There really are two kinds of food entrepreneurs," says venture capitalist Paul Matteucci, who encourages and connects food-tech upstarts through his not-for-profit, Feeding 10 Billion. “There are the ones that hang around Berkeley or Brooklyn, and build businesses mostly for the end consumer. Then there is a whole different group of highly technical people who are building robotics for the field, sensor-based technology, automated watering systems, new food-packaging technologies, and big-data-related inventory control to reduce waste.” These, he says, are “the people who are going to solve the big problems.”

A raft of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists made their money in tech, and now want to do something with an even longer-lasting impact. Meet the Silicon Valley companies trying to fix our broken food system

Fueling Our Future: This Is What School Lunches Actually Look Like

To call awareness to the reality of school lunches and their questionable nutritional value and color palette (beige, gray, and brown seem to be the primary colors), Farah Sheikh, an education campaign manager at the nonprofit, Do Something, created Fed Up. The online campaign asked students to send in photos of their lunches and then vote on which ones they would “eat” and which they would “toss.” Images included the barf-tastic "Pork Slop" from Mississippi and the delightfully colorful lunch combo titled "lunch is pretty awesome" from Texas.

In a sample of chicken nuggets sourced over the counter from two national fast food chains near the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Dr. Richard Deshazo discovered that muscle made up only 40% to 50% of the nuggets. Under the microscope, he and his team found that the rest of the nuggets was mostly fat, with a hearty helping of “epithelium and other supporting tissue” (skin). One contained organ tissue, with a splash of nerves and blood vessels, while the other contained shredded bits of bone.