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Meet the Fitwall, America’s next fitness craze. 

Members enter a Fitwall, where instead of being greeted at a welcome desk, they make their way to a wall-mounted iPad to check in. They pick up what Fitwall calls a “peanut,” a wearable Bluetooth monitor that sits on their chest and will track a few metrics throughout the workout, combining those into a number Fitwall calls the “F-Factor.” Throughout your workout, rather than compete on absolute metrics, the various trainees can compete for a percentage of their best F-Factor—a gamification element that enables 75-year-olds to compete on a curve with 20-year-olds.

"There’s so little innovation in the [fitness] industry, and that frustrates us, not just as entrepreneurs but as individuals who have a passion for working out," says the Josh Weinstein, one of the minds behind the Fitwall. 

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