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The results showed that neighborhoods with denser street networks had lower rates of obesity, and that cities with denser networks also had lower rates for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease (but not asthma). “We found the more compact street networks correlated with reduced rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease,” the authors write.

Your Car-Centric City Is Why You’re Fat

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Here’s what’s happening in Fast Company’s September issue!


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Here’s what’s happening in Fast Company’s September issue!


Silicon Valley may be the heart of the bustling tech scene, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the industry knows how to code.

No longer do nontechnical techies have to feel like frauds. Hustle Con is a conference specifically for founders without coding abilities. Taking place at San Francisco’s Bravo Theater, the sold-out event aims to help companies build their brands, make money, grow, and—yes—hustle. 

We don’t expect this to be your usual tech conference. Panels include “People Buy You,” “Brand Lovegasm,” and “This S**t Is Hard.” In lieu of technical jargon, there’ll definitely be a litany of buzzwords flying back and forth (here’s one for starters: “wantrepreneur”).

Fast Company’s Alice Truong (alicetruong) will be blogging the event, which kicks off today at 9:10 a.m. PT.


The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards and Conference brings together problem solvers from the worlds of business and design to explore the newest ideas in everything from apps to architecture. The conference includes six hours of highly visual sessions, two days of off-site design experiences, and concludes with a cocktail party and awards ceremony recognizing the smartest, most ambitious, most inventive design working in concert with business and culture. The conference and the awards take place on Wednesday, October 15, at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, in New York City. The off-site design experiences take place on both that Wednesday and Tuesday, October 14, at various locations throughout the city.


Learn more about the conference here. 

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Name: Rose Pastore
Role at Fast Company: Assistant news editor
Twitter: @RosePastore
Titillating Fact: Two months before I started at Fast Company, I went on a parabolic flight with NASA. I panicked during the first few seconds of floating; I was convinced I (or the plane) had flipped upside down. One of my most vivid memories is seeing the seat belts rise toward the ceiling. I didn’t vomit, thanks to the scopolamine injection I got right before the flight, but the anti-nausea drug did make me feel a bit stoned. I was there to cover a neat student experiment that tested whether a portable ultrasound machine works in zero gravity.


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