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This 4,400 square-foot desk creates hiding holes for an escape within the office.

One creative agency decided to reinvent the idea of a “desk” entirely. Instead of installing a metal slide or set of pinball machines, the New York-based Barbarian Group built one giant “superdesk” out of plywood and a single pour of resin. The whole thing stands at 4,400 square feet, and undulates throughout the space, creating regular desk-like slabs, but also oddly-shaped nooks and crannies.

“We really wanted everyone sitting under a desk, but we also wanted to create spaces where people could escape to.”

This “super slippery” coating will amaze you.
Also, it could eliminate roughly one million tons of food waste every year. We’re chatting live with the team of MIT scientists behind the stuff. Join us now.
  • "…it snaps a photo of the fridge’s contents whenever you open the door, allowing you to check what food you already have before you stop off at the store on your way home from work.”

  • Your SmartThings hub could detect that you’ve woken up, either through a motion sensor outside your bedroom or a biometric wristband like the Jawbone Up, and turn on the lights in your kitchen and activate the outlet to which your coffee pot is connected, starting the coffee brewing if you had the foresight to put the grinds in the night before. When you enter the kitchen, motion sensors could trigger a Sonos speaker to give you a weather report and play the news. When you leave for work, the home senses that you are gone and shuts everything down.”

2014: The year companies try to make the kitchen the smartest room in the house

Bloomingdale’s and the CFDA have commissioned 48 couture helmets from the likes of Alice + Olivia, Donna Karan, Rag & Bone, and Marchesa.

"There are some fashionistas who really like football," says Natara Holloway, VP of consumer products at the NFL. "We want to be inclusive of all fans." More broadly, the helmets are part of an effort to give the NFL a softer touch. "We want to give people a new way of looking at football," Holloway says. "To surprise, and delight."

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