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In the report, the cyber security company predicted that the first death-by-Internet-of-Things would occur by the end of 2014. It cited former vice president Dick Cheney turning off his pacemaker for fear of remote tampering, conspiracies surrounding the sudden death of journalist Michael Hastings, and an FDA warning about Internet-connected medical devices as reason for their fears.

An “Internet Murder” Could Happen By The End of This Year

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Good morning Tumblr! Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 

  • Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that NYC is now at the “forefront of the digital revolution” with its new .nyc domain.
  • On July 18 government agencies and a who’s who of Wall Street, including Citibank, Bank of America, and Homeland Security will host cyber war games in preparation for digital megathreats.

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