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The Recommender: Cia Bernales, Web Producer and owner of Atticus, the giant Rottweiler

Name: Cia Bernales
Role at Fast Company: Web producer
WebsiteWriting with My Mouth Full
Titillating fact: Cia has crossed 37 countries off her bucket list. She isn’t leaving the country this year, but she just started planning her trip to Glacier National Park, in Montana. Does anyone who’s been there have travel advice for her?

Things she’s loving:

1. Sports and women
Say what you will about NYC’s new bike share program and the Bloomberg administration, but I think transportation chief Janette Sadik-Khan has done so much good for the city since she started her job. If we live in the world-class city we claim to, we need to enjoy our own public spaces and have different ways to get from Point A to Point B.

I’m still a chicken when it comes to biking around New York City, but Evelyn Stevens is the person to watch in a sport that’s gotten so much bad press recently. She quit her Wall Street job to become a pro cyclist and is now winning important races, even after landing on her face and breaking her teeth this season. She can really lean in! 

I’m also excited to cheer for a new sports team and ogle the beautiful legs that will be participating in the new New York City Football Club! I feel as though I haven’t had a New York team to cheer for in a long time!

2. The Farmstand App
Farmstand is a mobile guide to a lot of the farmers’ markets nationwide, but I use it for the photos of local produce uploaded by users. I change my location to California a lot just to get a peek at what Angelenos are currently buying.

I also can’t wait to start replicating recipes from British chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new book, River Cottage Veg. I’m a fan of his Meat Book, so it’s awesome to see a meat lover make vegetable-focused dishes more exciting.

3. Atticus A Day
And how can I not shamelessly promote my Rottweiler’s blog, Atticus A Day? I adopted Atticus from a New Jersey shelter four months ago, and he has made me a softie, both in my wallet and out. Even my parents didn’t think I had it in me to make room for another living thing in my life. His rust-colored eyebrows are so expressive, I can’t help but squeal whenever he pouts. He is too goddamn cute! Of course, he has his own hashtag on Instagram, too: #ciaheartsatticus.

Fast Company Insider: As we’ve mentioned before sitting is the new smoking. Meet Cia Bernales and Dan Asadorian, two Fast Company employees who have taken that message to heart.

Cia first started standing because sitting at a desk all day was hurting her back. She kept her standing desk, partially for physical relief and partially out of pride, after someone bet her she couldn’t stand for four months straight. The marathon stander won the bet and is still standing six months later.

Dan is a bit like the Freedom Tower in that you can see him from most places in the Fast Company office. His new-found standing practice has made him a beacon of healthy work habits … and snackage. You can see him here munching on some rock candy. 

The third image is from Cia’s desk. Meet her giant Rottweiler Atticus whose blog you can read here.