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Where North Korea’s Maybe-Nuclear Missiles Could Land, Visualized

Check out these maps from CNN, which assess the range of six North Korean missiles, and visualized just where those weapons could strike should president Kim Jung-un authorize an attack.

This spring, bellicose nation North Korea has gotten the world’s attention with its amped-up aggression toward the United States and South Korea. The government said that “powerful striking means” have been readied for action, and the U.S. and South Korean governments anticipate more missile tests soon. And the New York Times just reported “with ‘moderate confidence,’ that the country has learned how to make a nuclear weapon small enough to be delivered by a ballistic missile.”

For South Korea, it’s a near throwback to the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the threat of a nuclear-armed neighbor inspired widespread panic. For the U.S., the threat feels a bit more distant and ambiguous: Are they posturing? Do they just want attention? Or do we need to take them seriously?

Here’s the full story.


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