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Running a business is like going through life with just what’s in your backpack,” Gwen Dean says. “You need to be able to think outside the box, inside the box, through the box, and while standing on the box. You must be up for a wild ride.

Is It Time To Dramatically Quit Your Day Job?


Gwen Dean quit her day job to become a self-employed puppeteer in front of millions during this year’s Super Bowl. Dying for a dramatic exit? Before you throw in the towel to chase a dream, ask yourself these five questions

Not everyone believes in Airbnb’s potential. Bill Carroll of Cornell University’s esteemed School of Hotel Administration says there’s too much “hoopla” around the service, and contends Airbnb will never be able to deliver as consistent of an experience for guests as hotels do. “It’s always going to be niche, constrained by how many people want to stay in an Airbnb type of experience,” he says. Carroll compares staying in a stranger’s home to the manger Joseph and Mary stayed in according to the Bible, joking, “That certainly wasn’t a chain property!

What Hotel Operators Really Think Of Airbnb

Warby Parker’s New Store Delivers Your Glasses Via Pneumatic Tube

Much like Warby Parker’s flagship SoHo store, its new Upper East Side location has the feel of a luxurious, smartly curated book lover’s den. You can browse frames, get an eye exam, or flip through books from independent presses and magazines geared toward the smart set like n 1 and The Paris Review. The new twist? Your glasses will now be delivered to you via the old-timey magic of pneumatic tubes.

"Pneumatic tubes were fun, and the most effective way to do it. Sometimes you don’t need the newest technology to create the best customer experience."

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When test subjects assigned to be the “employer” had no information about their prospective employees’ abilities, they were twice as likely to choose men over women. In another scenario, where both male and female candidates were given the opportunity to describe how well they thought they would do on the math task, the outcome wasn’t much different.

In Making Hiring Decisions, Men and Women Still Assume Women Are Bad At Math

The no set work hours and unlimited vacation are just a small part of a much bigger idea.

While hiring someone you just met and then telling them they have no set hours and can take a vacation tomorrow, if they so choose, may sound a little crazy to most employers, CEO Sam Decker believes other companies should look into the practice because he says Freesponsibility isn’t simply built on a foundation of blind trust, it’s built on a psychological and social phenomenon called the Pygmalion Effect.

“The Pygmalion Effect says that the more trust you put in someone, the more they will fulfill that trust.”

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