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Iran has been airing its views on Argo's win at the Oscars last night. The movie tells the story of how the CIA used Hollywood to get six U.S. embassy workers out of the country during the hostage crisis of 1979.

"Argo is a movie against Iran," said the Asriran website. Asiran also claimed that the regime’s Culture Minister had been directly responsible for Iranian movie A Separation winning Best Foreign Film in 2012. The minister, Javad Shamghadri, claimed that his department had lobbied hard for the Iranian drama to win.

As well as the content of the movie, there was criticism of Michelle Obama’s role in announcing the winner. “In a rare occasion in Oscar history, the First Lady announced the winner for Best Picture for the anti-Iran film Argo, which is produced by the Zionist company Warner Bros,” said Fars News.

Ben Affleck’s acceptance speech did not escape censure, either. “After distorting history, Ben Affleck continues to show a bleak picture of Iran,” said Mehr News. “Iranians live in terrible circumstances.”