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Inside J.J. Abrams Brain-Bending Book-Within-A-Book

There’s a whole lot going on within the formidable book package known as S. After removing the shrink-wrap, you find a book holster, inside of which is the novel, Ship of Theseus, attributed to one V.M. Straka. Flipping through the pages, you notice that they all feature seemingly handwritten notes in the margins, amounting to a dialogue between two students passing the book back and forth. Like a hastily assembled briefcase, there are clippings, postcards and other assorted ephemera scattered about, physically wedged in between pages. Finally, while reading the introduction to Ship of Theseus, it becomes clear that these students are enmeshed in the mystery of the book’s authorship, one that has supposedly daunted scholars for decades. They also appear to be flirting.

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