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Chelsea Peretti Brings Innovation — and Mauling — With Her Comedy App 

Peretti foresees a future for the app that includes additional apps-within-the-app, as well. “Chels-emojis are in the works,” she says, excited. “I use emojis heavily in life, and I think a lot of people do. There are a number that are frustratingly absent—you know how there’s kind of a generic white man and a generic white woman? I just want to put a generic black man and a generic black woman. I want to put some similar things to what’s in the filters—like a bear, and a wolf—and I’ve noticed things that are missing from the vegetables, such as a radish.”

Also, if you haven’t heard Chelsea’s classic song, now’s the time:

(photo by flickr user Zena C)

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    Chelsea is literally my platonic dream girl. I love her so much.
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    **available on iTunes**
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