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Daily Fast Feed Roundup
Hello Tumblr! Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 
Zynga has filed a trademark infringement claim against the creators of Bang With Friends for using “With Friends" in its name. 
The FAA has approved commercial drone flights in U.S. airspace.
Pro-Assad Syrian hackers compromised the social media and email accounts of a number White House employees.
Researchers in Texas successfully hacked into the navigation system of a yacht that was cruising in the Mediterranean. 
A Hong Kong man claims that his Galaxy S4 burnt down his apartment.
A court has ruled that authorities no longer need a warrant to track cellphone location data.
Swiss scientists have created the perfect tech storm, a 3-D-printed, self-assembling drone swarm. 
Have a great day!
—M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger

Daily Fast Feed Roundup

Hello Tumblr! Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know today: 

Have a great day!

M. Cecelia Bittner and Jessica Hullinger

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    It’s official — FAA has approved commerical drone use. Check out our PoynterVision video for tips on how to cover drones...
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