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Looking for some great new app suggestions? Here, a few:

  • The Definer app: “My favorite app I use for business—which is actually not really for business—is Definer which is effectively a mobile urban dictionary. You make up words, define them and then share them with your network. I think I’m even considering it a ‘business app’ because it trains my mind to think creatively even when I don’t necessarily feel like thinking. Often, those words transcend the boundaries of the app and end up on my site in some form.” —Leandra Medine, who writes writes the Man Repeller—a humorous site about serious fashion

  • The Bloglovin’ app"My new obsession is Bloglovin’. If you’ve got 5 minutes, you can catch up on all of the street style news you need for the day. I curated a list of bloggers I love (like Olivia Palermo and Ashley Madekwe, and all updates are sent to this handy little app. With a business that forecasts Millenial trends, this makes it easy." Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing

More here: 11 little-known apps entrepreneurs can’t live without

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