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Welcome to the Social Network of the Future

Bajillion Hits is jacking the strat! Hide yo kids, hide yo grandmas too, ‘cause this one is exclusively for the few among us ranging from 19-35 years old. TRF. BOOM.


I’ve been doing some serious buzzcooling while I put together my next-lev domination plans for Q5, but I just had to take a moment to jack your strat on this revolutionary new social network that’s making some serious waves in the eliteness/deals/exclusive luxury/social space (a very important emerging market in the stratosphere). 

It’s called The Royal Few, and basically it’s a social net designed only for the coolest and most influential people in the world (people like us). But the KILLER APP is that it rewards our coolness by offering us first-look deals on insider luxury such as backstage events, VIP passes, drink tickets, elite access, Hollywood paparazzis, energy drinks, and MUCH MORE. Very cool. Check out their “lifestyle intro viral vid” below:

A lot of people think the best social media strat is to always get as many users, uniques and hits as possible, but a very killer/cutting-edge new technique is facilitating a double-elite insideryness (a VIP section inside an already VIP experience, if you will per se), and creating buzz through exclusivity. Obviously at a certain point it has to scale with monetization, though, in order to create a big valuation. 

Anyway, if you’re still on the fence about joining up with me over at The Royal Few, below you can check out my boy Ev’s VERY COOL “Members Welcome” vid, and also Tanya’s boner-inducing “Vidifesto” outlining TRF’s elite luxury lifestyle creed.

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