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New York’s Next Top Makers: Nemo Extension

With the Next Top Makers deadline pushed back to Wednesday, February 20, there’s another week to turn your product idea into a business. New York’s Next Top Makers asks submitters to pitch their products concepts or prototypes and tell us what they need to get to market.

Six finalist teams will participate in the Top Makers Studio Phase from April to August, receiving: five months of free studio space from sponsor NYDesigns, product development cash, mentors like thought-leader Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries, and workshops built around solving challenges they identify in their submissions. Five of the finalists will be chosen by expert judges—including Paola Antonelli from MoMA and Ayah Bdeir from littleBits—and one will be chosen by public vote.

This program is perfect for students wanting to take their studio projects to the next level or for design professionals looking to launch their own product-based firms. Find out more at

Above: At work at NYDesign’s membership fabrication facility, NYFabricates. Photo credit: NYDesigns

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