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We view fast companies as businesses that are innovative, progressive, and creative, and that are constantly changing. These businesses have it baked into their approach who their future customers are going to be. CEOs have to think about not just their customers but their employees who have been there for one or ten years. That’s what makes running a business so hard, because that is the matrix these leaders are operating on.

I mention this because your future customers and employees are using social media. It is a critical part of the way they communicate. If you want to tap into that and understand the evolving marketplace, you have to be attuned to that. It doesn’t mean they have to be Tweeting or on Facebook everyday, but CEOs should try to be comfortable with social media and keep their eyes open to other things.

Fast Company EIC Bob Safian sits down with Forbes to talk about why we’re the best (okay, just kidding, he talks about other stuff too)
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