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Before Asteroids, there was Lunar Lander, a simple arcade game released by Atari in 1979 in which players had to pilot a landing module on a jagged lunar landscape. Seb Lee-Delisle isn’t sure if he encountered the original as a youngster—he was only 7 when it came out—but after discovering an emulated version of Lunar Lander a few years back, he quickly fell in love—and set out to faithfully re-create the game for the web, first in Flash and then in HTML5. But his latest project might be an even more impressive ode to the original. For a video-game-centric exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Lee-Delisle set up a machine that draws players’ progress through the game on a wall-size canvas in real time, transforming the accumulated runs into a dense, swooping thing of beauty.

(via fastcodesign)