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Zuckerberg grew up in Dobbs Ferry. This is a nice area of New York. He went to boarding school at Philips Exeter Academy. You can’t get a finer education at a private boarding school. Then he went to Harvard. He’s not some underdog. The entitlement of the story is that Zuckerberg thought because he’s the computer guy, he was entitled to the idea and entitled to the whole thing.

Regardless of who you are, I believe that everybody in this country is entitled to justice. That’s the entitlement that our characters believe they have: justice. I would hope that people don’t come away from the movie believing that Zuckerberg is the underdog. if you’re rooting for Zuckerberg, you’re rooting for a lawless place, a place where fraud is acceptable, a place where there is no protection.

Cameron Winklevoss

No mirror photos, just an exclusive interview with Fast Company's Austin Carr.

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