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Soulja Boy, born DeAndre Cortez Way, spun a novelty hit (2007’s ubiquitous “Crank That”) into an extended career by making excellent, unprecedented use of social media to connect with his fans. The non-album cut “Two Milli”—homage to Weezy, natch—has one of the oddest moments in music video history we can recall (anything from the ’80s notwithstanding) around 1:25 where the song breaks down and Soulja queues up a screen capture of his Twitter page while thanking all of his followers. It was too awkward to be calculated, and as the song was never officially released, pretty much no one saw it other than the Soulja obsessives forwarding around his videos to say, “Did you see what he did today?”

The worth of two million Twitter followers might be overstated, however. Soulja’s reinvention from ringtone rapper to media kingpin hit a snag when his third album—the almost self-titled The DeAndre Way—sold a paltry 13,360 copies in its first week, 21,000 copies to date. For readers, that’s an anemic .008 copies sold for each one of his 2,565,964 Twitter followers. While it doesn’t take a self-styled music blogger to see that Soulja’s more of a singles man than an album guy, those are pretty shocking numbers for any former Billboard Hot 100 champion.

Aside from that, the video is very funny. Humor doesn’t get more advanced than a 19-year old with a platinum chain monotonously intoning for everyone to follow him at “Twitter dot com slash Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.” The singularity is approaching, everyone.

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