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iPad Rumor Round-Up!

Tempted by awesome end-year sales, did you pick up an iPad for what you thought was a bargain? We hate to break it, but the iPad 2 is probably going to be more swagged out than its predecessor in every single way. Here’s a quick round-up of the most pressing rumors regarding the iPad 2’s design and functionality.

SD card slot again?

Rumors that the iPad 2 will borrow some thinking from the iMac and MacBooks and adopt an SD card slot for storage expansion have come and gone, but now they’re back with a vengeance, thanks to some new ”leaked” iPad 2 protective cases from Chinese manufacturers.

Screen at four times the current resolution?

This is the hottest rumor that’s popped up. Hidden in files within a developer release of a future version of iOS that’ll go into the iPhone and iPad are a number of graphics files that suggest the iPad 2 will have four times as many pixels on its display than currently. This means it’ll have a 2048 by 1536 pixel screen.


Finally there’s one hint from a parts supplier that the iPad 2 will gain a vibromotor for haptic feedback, like its iPhone cousin. Not big news, and certainly a plausible evolutionary step, but app designers will certainly pay attention to it.

We can’t wait!

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