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Yes it’s true. The iPod was truly a game changer for Apple and the world, but Is it Time For Apple To Kill The iPod?


Even as sales continue to slip now (though market share remains around 70%), it has had one hell of a run. Macworld has the story of its birth on October 23, 2001.

Benj Edwards:

Apple chose to unveil its portable digital music player in a low-key special event held on Apple’s campus in Cupertino. The press and Apple fans alike met the iPod with severe skepticism. Pundits openly wondered what business Apple had selling consumer music gadgets. Many proclaimed doom.

Skepticism. Contempt. Doom. Sounds familiar. Sounds like the same reaction that just about every game-changing product initially receives. 

The iPod was going to be a huge failure. Except that it was the opposite. It was actually the catalyst that kick-started Apple’s run towards becoming the most important tech company in the world. An MP3 player no bigger than a deck of cards.

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